by Limbs

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"It’s a breath of fresh air to hear them revel in the majesty of wide-open spaces with bracing unpredictability." - Vandals On The Wall

"The strangest part is that it works. It’s such an unusual blend of sounds but somehow it all gels together brilliantly, with each of the disparate elements bringing out new sounds and emotions in the others." -


released September 17, 2016

remastered December 7, 2016

Written and recorded by Limbs
Additional vocals by Andrew John Cellano, Carlos Cuesta, Drestel Galang, Nicolai Maverick, Therese Sanico

Artwork by Nicolai Maverick



all rights reserved


Limbs Manila, Philippines

I'm a stupid.

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Track Name: Glass Cloak
My face falls from my head, my eyes falls from my face. I bend to pick it up, and see my vision spin; then all the colors streaked to jagged curtains.

“Let’s spend a week in the shadows—where nothing will try to hold us down, while floating in the abyss.”
Track Name: Deep Mauve
“It’s not the feet who walked on earth that buried the house”.

Silhouettes of knives are engulfing me. Caresses of the phantom of my hollow sin; pouring out from the eyes, vitriolic viridian from the precipice of lies.

“Reduce them to shades of black, like the nocturne they enjoy, while we sleep.”
Track Name: Bodily Floyd
Are we living in silence when we cast the resigned?

"Unearth our unconscious to a celebration: a severance pay for your severed head. You're forever dead; then, no more."
Track Name: Flashing Lights
Before the light shoots out of my skin, I hear goodbyes whispering.

“What will you sing about me?”, I said.

“Trust that you'll be forgotten, you are no one. The passing is all you’ll ever be—out of the coil!”